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May be of interest to members of this forum -- we have money available to pay someone to work with - and maybe on - ROS - around self-driving cars. Applications from ROS forum members with strong track records of being helpful are particularly welcome.

Fully-funded PhD available - University of Leeds, UK

SELF-DRIVING CARS – robotics, machine vision, human interactions

Comes with enhanced salary, training grant expenses, access to vehicles, data and software. (Funding is for UK/EU/EEA students only)

Self-driving pods are small, electric, shared, autonomous person transporter vehicles which may form a solution to “last mile” transportation, with commuters travelling by train into a city then transferring to a pod to reach their workplace. Such vehicles have recently been used for demonstrations in a number of cities.

We have previously worked with self-driving minibus-like vehicles in the EU CityMobil2 project, including delivering road user detection systems ( ). We also led the InnovateUK IBEX2 autonomous agriculture vehicle project, delivering localisation, planning and vision systems ( ).

As part of newly funded projects in this area, there is currently full funding available for a PhD position to extend the work in related areas including:

1) Construction of new hardware and software systems for pod vehicles. Using SLAM algorithms, lidar and machine vision sensors, mapping and planning systems; which may also include mechanical and electronics work on the vehicles themselves;

2) Use of the pod to study live and recorded human-vehicle interactions with pedestrians and other road users. Machine vision methods for road user detection and novel scene analysis / event detection and prediction algorithms to understand road user behaviour and potential safety threats, such as who is likely to pull out in front of the vehicle. This work may include models from Psychology such as crowd behaviour and game theory, as well as agent-based micro-simulation, and statistical / big-data analysis of results.


Required skills (to be evidenced by CV, references and interview): - Very strong programming and applied maths skills; (e.g. from industry experience, portfolio, open source contributions, or academic qualifications) - Knowledge and experience of robotics, machine vision, and/or human behaviour /game theory/ HCI interaction modelling (e.g. from academic qualifications, industry experience, portfolio, or open source contributions) - Ability to work well in a technical team (e.g. from strong recommendation letters, social networks, or documented open source history)

Desirable/optional skills: - Experience of publishing academic or industrial papers, or open-source projects - Linux, Python, C++, ROS, OpenCV, git, PCL, SQL, SGE/Hadoop/Spark - Understanding the behaviour of pedestrians or crowds on the road - Electronics, mechanics, vehicle maintenance, DIY, welding, Arduino, hardware hacking

Further information about entry requirements can be found here:


Please send a CV and a short ‘statement of motivation’ to Dr Charles Fox ( ). Further information will then be provided. Dr Fox is also available for informal consultation if you would like to find out more ... (more)

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