map broken Hector SLAM

asked 2017-02-24 15:27:25 -0500

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Hey together,

I am trying to simulate Hector_slam using gazebo in a Outdoor situation, This means the objects are far apart, i am using a Robot with 2D Hokuyo LiDAR and IMU. when I drive the Robot around everything look fine. But when i change the direction or the object are fare away, than the /slam_out_pose change the position and it is no longer connected to my robot and than my map is broken.I have no idea why and why my IMU does not stabilize my simulation.

I upload in my Dropbox(see Link below), some information should help to solve my Problem( I hope)

  • bag file
  • rqt_graph
  • frame
  • Some pictures

Dropbox Link -> link text

maybe i miss somthing in my launch file.


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