video_stream_opencv video_file.launch [error]

asked 2017-02-14 17:59:45 -0500

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Hi I want to use video_stream_opencv with my recorded video. All the launch files work perfectly except video_file.launch. This is the error that i get.

[ERROR] [1487115732.908273775]: Could not open the stream.
[videofile/videofile_stream-2] process has died [pid 2490, exit code 255, cmd /home/haythem/rosws1/devel/lib/video_stream_opencv/video_stream camera:=image_raw __name:=videofile_stream __log:=/home/haythem/.ros/log/335cab8e-f30f-11e6-b6eb-240a644df497/videofile-videofile_stream-2.log].
log file: /home/haythem/.ros/log/335cab8e-f30f-11e6-b6eb-240a644df497/videofile-videofile_stream-2*.log

PS : I use ros kinetic on a ubuntu 16.04

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Hi, I'm the developer/maintainer of video_stream_opencv, could you post the full log? Even better if you have the video you are trying to use with video_file.launch

awesomebytes gravatar image awesomebytes  ( 2017-03-27 02:07:34 -0500 )edit

hi. I have also problems running the video_file.launch. I dont know what are tte settings for using recorded mp4 video . Can you help please. Or give example or video_file.launch

Astronaut gravatar image Astronaut  ( 2018-05-29 23:12:04 -0500 )edit

If you guys don't provide me with a full log of what is going on (and potentially the video file you are trying to use) it's very hard to help you. You just need to copy the example video_file.launch and modify video_stream_provider to your video full path (e.g. /home/user/myfolder/myvideofile.mp4).

awesomebytes gravatar image awesomebytes  ( 2018-05-30 01:13:32 -0500 )edit

hi, can i access stream from webcam? if yes, how can i do it?

kiya gravatar image kiya  ( 2019-02-10 23:45:52 -0500 )edit

@kiya Yeah, as the documentation states (video_stream_opencv Github README, video_stream_opencv ROS wiki) yes, it can be used for the stream of a webcam. It is actually the example launchfile in the documentation. You can find the launchfile in the launch folder of the package. You should be able to get it working just executing: "roslaunch video_stream_opencv webcam.launch"

awesomebytes gravatar image awesomebytes  ( 2019-06-17 02:49:33 -0500 )edit