i am trying to make 4quadcopter and i want to send message to each rotor

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for now , I am thinking of making 4 plug-in to put into <link> (as far as i know can use plug in for each link tag) because i will try to take control of each rotor in order to show vivid motion of quadcopter


_1. Is it possible to control 4 rotors by using 4 plug-in in(.so file)??

_ 2. for plug in

catkin_make ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~

Building CXX object gazebo_tutorials/CMakeFiles/gazebo_tutorials.dir/src/simple_world_plugin.cpp.o

Linking CXX shared library /home/user/catkin_ws/devel/lib/libgazebo_tutorials.so

i can't get it these 2 sentence i just typed catkin_make

"libgazebo_Tutorials.so" somehow includes content of simple_world_plugin.cpp.o ???

_ 3. i don't know how to make .so file to make .so file , should i need to do in that way ??(2nd question)**

in last days.. i am running round in circle no progress at all;;

please save me

many thanks!

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