How to generate binary .deb file of a ROS package locally without ROS buldfarm

asked 2016-11-06 07:39:26 -0500

Rickardo Leos gravatar image

Hi there,

During our work, we need some binary .deb package of some ROS packages. I only need a local manner to generate a ".deb" file to obfuscate my source code and thereby, the other can use the package without seeing the source code.

I have been digging around the ROS release process and ros buldfarm. But things are not really clear to us yet. Would you please suggestion me how to do, or how would you advise us to do in order to generate such installers package?

Your suggestion and help to solve this is pretty appreciated.



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gvdhoorn gravatar image gvdhoorn  ( 2016-11-06 07:44:28 -0500 )edit