gmapping and frontier exploration acting weird

asked 2016-11-06 05:06:20 -0500

orsonl gravatar image

I am trying to use frontier exploration package to solve a coverage path planning problem. The robot needs to search for a a target in an empty space. Namely, There are no landmarks except the target in the searching area. I set the boundary for frontier exploration as the four corners of the searching range. After some experiments I noticed two problems. First, the husky robot will rotate 360 deg at the starting point. Second, the error of odometry is HUGE. For example, the actually heading is 0[deg] but in RVIZ the estimated heading is 90[deg].

At first I thought I must have set some parameters regarding odometry wrong. Later on, I figured that the error might be induced by the fact that the gmapping try to find landmark in the environment. However, as I mentioned above, there are no landmarks in the environment.

I would be glad if you can share your experience or give me some suggestions.

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