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Parameters for cmd_vel_mux

asked 2016-08-18 06:51:13 -0500

meirela gravatar image

I wish to adjust the priority of cmd_vel_mux
For this purpose I've located some .YAML files for understanding the syntax.

  • name: "Safe reactive controller"
    topic: "safety_controller"
    timeout: 0.2
    priority: 10
  • name: "Keyboard operation"
    topic: "keyboard_teleop"
    timeout: 0.2
    priority: 7

I can't figure out what is the exact meaning of these fields - name/topic/timeout/priority.
Of course "name" is a name... But in which namespace? Where do I set this namespace?
"timeout" is a measure of time, guessing - idle time while dealing with the callback, but what units? (second/milliseconds/minutes)
Priority - which is high, which is low? What is the maximum number of priorities available?
Topic - same as name. I do not know any of these topics, they are not available when listing the current topics (rostopic list), so I guess it is also another namespace (?)

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answered 2016-08-22 04:49:48 -0500

Chaos gravatar image

Hi @meirela ! The field topic should be filled with the full name of the input topic with also the namespace (i.e.: "/ns1/cmd_vel"). Timeout means for how much time the mux will latch the last command received if no incoming topics with different priorities are received. It should be in seconds. Priority: this is easy; the higher the number filling the field, the higher the priority. I tried the node with five incoming topics, but I think you can set an arbitrary number of them. Name: this field indicates whose incoming topic is being published by the multiplexer. This can be checked by subscribing to the output topic "/name/active".

Remember that the namespace of the output topic is the same of the node's name.

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