rosserial arduino for my program

asked 2016-05-27 19:11:11 -0500

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hello there, i'm usually just launch program in ROS and a bit editing for the algoritm itself in the program. right now, i want to make my owm program. i'm using ROS Indigo in Ubuntu 14.04.3

my case is tracking people with kinect and then send serial to arduino which is going to moving the servos (hobby servos)

i have done the tracking thing with kinect (from someone package like skeleton markers of pi robot in here) and trying servo control from ROS tutorial in here

the tutorial itself just send message in one packet to move the servos. i would like to make message from my program with kinect which will send the information to arduino. as far as i know i can send the message from rosserial_python called the all i know, i have to:

1. launch my tracking program (get data)
2. run rosserial_python (to connect arduino)
3. send the data to the connection **(i missed in here)**

how to connect it all then? what step should i take, which tutorial should i try? thank's a bunch for replying. :)

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