How to attach materials including pictures to a irregular geometry ?

asked 2016-05-14 05:51:13 -0500

Yajing_Wang gravatar image

My situation is :

For a cube I create, when I use the Gazebo/Wood material in the <material> <scripts>**</scripts> </material> tag in <visual> element, It displays with the expected surface.

But when I use the same description on another geometry model, it can only display with a similar color. The only two differences between the two models are:

  1. In the <geometry> tag, the latter model uses the 3D shape (.dae file) created by SketchUp, but the former one uses the simple

    <box>1 1 1<box>.

  2. Every faces of the latter model are in different shape and size.

Could anyone please tell me some relations between the difference and the issue?

And If possible, could anyone give me some instructions about the meanings of the descriptions in a material file, especially those for a piceture? (For example, the scale )


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