ROS Documentation using local files

asked 2016-04-20 05:25:57 -0500

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Hello to all,

I had an idea to document a ROS package that I have created. As everybody knows, if you uncomment the following line in package.xml: i.e

   <url type="website"></url> 

If you click in the question mark that you can find in all the graphical interface in RQT, you will see the documentation page in you browser.

I do not have a dominion to allocate my ROS documentation page, thus I thought that it could be possible to save in each package a documentation(information) files in a folder. It is possible using:

<url type="website">home/user/ros_workspace/foo/package/information/package_info.html</url>

The problem:

I want to use a relative path, No absolute, because I need to use this package in different machines with distinct folder structure.

In ROS .launch files, you are able to find packages with the command: "$(find package)/urdf/foo.urdf"/>

Is there any way to use the same concept in package.xml file? like:

<url type="website">"$(find package)/information/package_info.html</url> 

Thank you very much.

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