Start/Stop launch files via c Code and Taster

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Hey all,

i have a Problem with the start/stop of my ros system. My custom bot is using the ros navigation stack and all works fine. Ros running on a raspberry pi with a ubuntu 14.04 tls. In my System exists one main launch file. This file should start and stop via a Taster. I am using the pigpio lib for the button interrupt. What is the best way to start this launch file after first button interrupt from my c Code and stop or kill all node after second button interrupt? All button interruptroutines already exists in my code.

I have two examples with a shellscript but i think this is not the best way


`system("bash  /home/shared/workspace/ros/navigation_ws/src/RosNavigation/welcome_bot_2dnav/launch/");


 system("nohup /home/shared/workspace/ros/navigation_ws/src/RosNavigation/welcome_bot_2dnav/launch/ > /dev/null 2>&1 &");`

Stop: --> find PID´s and kill

thanks for answers


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