Does rosbag record --split guarantee data continuity in any way?

asked 2016-02-24 15:41:11 -0500

conrthomas gravatar image

I've created a system that records sensor data from a few sensors. I use a python script to call a launchfile with rosbag record on the topics I want. Two of these topics are images from cameras. To record for an extended amount of time, I call self.process_rosbag=subprocess.Popen(roslaunch <package> record.launch) to start the process. Then when I'm done I call self.process_rosbag.send_signal(subprocess.signal.SIGINT) - it's my understanding that this should allow the bags to close cleanly, on their own time. However, I still see bags remaining active when I look at my data folder.

To try and remedy this, I added "--split --size=200" to my record call, in the recording launch file.However, I still get bags closing ungracefully, and worse, I seem to be missing 15 seconds of data between every split bag part. Is there any way to ensure bags are keep recording while files are split and closed? I can't find much documentation on the split parameter and any mention of it not recording contiguous bag files. Has anyone seen this before?

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