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catkin_make error when using vrpn_client_ros

asked 2016-02-21 20:40:40 -0600

Shusen gravatar image

Hi, I want to connect Optitrack and ROS together, using the package vrpn_client_ros. Now, I'm using ubuntu14.04 installed ros indigo. I found the package from and git clone the code form into my folder ~/catkin_ws/src. but when I run



it came to errors like ths:

> CMake Error at
> vrpn_client_ros/CMakeLists.txt:5
> (find_package):   By not providing
> this project has   asked CMake to find
> a package configuration file provided
> by "VRPN", but   CMake did not find
> one.
>   Could not find a package
> configuration file provided by "VRPN"
> with any of   the following names:
>     VRPNConfig.cmake
>     vrpn-config.cmake
>   Add the installation prefix of
> "VRPN" to CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH or set  
> "VRPN_DIR" to a directory containing
> one of the above files.  If "VRPN"  
> provides a separate development
> package or SDK, be sure it has been  
> installed.
> -- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred! See also
> "/home/sen/catkin_ws/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log". See also
> "/home/sen/catkin_ws/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeError.log".
> Invoking "cmake" failed

Why this happen? What should I do next? I will appreciate if you could help. Thanks a lot!

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answered 2016-02-22 01:19:53 -0600

paulbovbel gravatar image

You are missing the vrpn dependency for the package.

You could install all dependencies for your workspace via rosdep (rosdep install --from-paths .)

Or you could just install debians, which will pull in dependencies automatically (sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-vrpn-client-ros). Is there a reason you want to run from source?

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Thanks a lot! It works. I want to connect Optitrack and ROS together, and then connect to pixhawk, then fly quadrotor indoors, I don't know what to do next. Can you give me some advice?

Shusen gravatar image Shusen  ( 2016-02-22 01:43:41 -0600 )edit

I have kind of similar problem I tried to run catkin_make after cloning to catkin_ws and exporting it but I received this error

Running command: "make cmake_check_build_system" in "/home/kidus/catkin_ws/build"

UbuntuROs gravatar image UbuntuROs  ( 2017-06-26 12:11:59 -0600 )edit

Hi Paul, I am using ros lunar and met this error. I copied the source package into my workspace and catkin_make, the same error occurs. I tried to install the VRPNConfig.cmake vrpn-config.cmake related package/library, but failed. DO you have any idea to solve this?

jason gravatar image jason  ( 2017-08-28 21:47:00 -0600 )edit

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