Actionlib confusion

asked 2016-01-27 17:22:24 -0500

veverak gravatar image

hi folks,

lately I have been really confused with simpleactionlib server because i am not sure I udnerstand how it works... (and reading the source didn't really helped) (propably only problems with understanding the API)

what package/wrote thing does extensively uses action server in python? (so one can explore it and get some inspiration about how to properly use it)

also, I have 'cycle' in action that does specific action and regulary sends feedback => whats proper workflow with simple action server for this cases: A. when new goal is available, abort actual one and run the new one B. when new goal is available and actual main goal.block is true -> decline the new goal (propably abort with specific result)

P.S: if by any case there is trivial place to find this info I am sorry, but I am getting lost more and more with the server api :/

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