what should be my recommended hardware architecture?

asked 2015-11-30 12:02:26 -0500

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I'm essentially trying to build a robot platform (similar to Turtle) from scratch. part of the reason is that Turtle started many years ago, and after that, hardware technology have progressed a lot (multiple powerful ARM chips appeared , etc). my understanding is that Turtle basically uses a small desktop computer with a miniATX motherboard, sort of.

at first I tried to do all the processing on an Arduino, but then found that Arduino (at least UNO) is way too simple, doesn't have a competent OS, hence possibly can't run the full C++ code in which ROS is written in. Arduino TRE does run Linux, and is a small form-factor and consumes just 5v power supply to be very light. but I am still not sure if it's powerful enough to run complex algorithms such as video feature extraction and then SLAM.

another attempt is to run an Arduino board solely for the purpose of interacting with sensor data collection, and sending out actuator commands, and then communicate all the in/out data with another computer . the latter may be an Android phone, or a small desktop. but using a desktop requires me to provide a big power supply (how is the Turtle getting its power?)

Thanks Yang

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