Sending Messages to remotely connected Node

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I have a problem getting ROS-Messages to a node which is connected to a remote ROS-Master. The node is written in python, running on a Raspberry Pi as superuser (which is necessary for the moment) and subscribing to a topic "/LED".

First I set up ROS_MASTER_URI to the remote Master and ROS_IP to the local IP-Address on the node. For debugging reasons I listen on the topic on the master-machine via:

rostopic echo /LED

Now I want to send a message to my node on a command line:

rostopic pub /LED std_msgs/String "message"

If I send it from the node the node receives it, but if I send it from the master the node doesn't receive it. The strange thing is, that both times it will get echoed on the "rostopic echo" command running on the master. So in this case it gets to the master, but not to the Node.

("rostopic echo" on the node doesn't get the message either)

Does anyone know why the message doesn't get to my node?

Thanks, ChTe

Edit: I just did a tcpdump on both sides and when I send the message from the master there is no communication present on port 11311.

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