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I'm a newbie in ROS, kindly permit the 'sophistication' of my questions. I'm trying to get a robot to move from point A to a point B via code(strictly, if possible).

I followed the navigation tutorial but i got stuck.

  1. I can't get the executable for cpp file (simple_navigation_goals) after using catkin_make at the root of my catkin_ws directory. I have checked manually but it isn't there. there were no errors while running catkin_make. Target was built. What could possibly be wrong?

  2. Can i get the navigation stack running without using Gazebo or rviz? if yes, how?

  3. When i run Gazebo and add a PR2 robot, how can i get the navigation stack working from there? (if thats a better stage to start from)

I'm running ROS Hydro on Ubuntu 12.04 with PR2 simulator installed.

I will deeply appreciate any kind of help extended.


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