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I am trying to work with the Atlas in DRCSIM, and using this link, I knew how to eprform fake walking, and move the bot. This link shows how to visualize andlog using rviz, spawning the bot in an environment in Gazebo.

I used Atlas in vrc_task3 environment, launching it using

    VRC_CHEATS_ENABLED=1 roslaunch drcsim_gazebo vrc_task_3.launch

In the given environment, on a closer lookup, the head of the bot is seeing upwards, because of which, the images I view in rviz are also in the slanted angle. I am trying to implement SLAM solution using the Atlas DRCSIM and this is not a probable scenario for me. How can I move the head of the bot to align it with a straight view

(P.S : My points are less than 5 thus, am not able to upload images and show you the exact case, but hope you can understand. Please help me.)

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