hector_exploration doubt

asked 2015-07-26 13:37:32 -0500

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I have a doubt regarding the hector_exploration.I couldn't find much documentation for the hector_navigation stack.

My goal is to make the robot explore unknown territory on its own and make a map simultaneously. In order to run the hector exploration what all are needed? Can you please guide me:

  1. Robot configuration launch file : i).launches node for laser data, publishes data on /scan ii). Publishes data on /odom iii). Tf between odometry frame and base_link and tf between laser frame and base_link.

2.Hector slam package: I verified the working of this package and it works fine.I suppose this takes care of mapping and provides transform between map and odom frames.

  1. Launch hector_costmaps, hector_controller hector_exploration node. Can you verify if this is correct?

  2. A launch file that launches exploration_planner_node excecutable which is part of hector_exploration_node, and hector_controller

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