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asked 2015-06-07 13:09:54 -0600

yolanda_de_la_hoz gravatar image

Dear all, I'm developing a ROS GUI in C++ with Qt. In the GUI, I would like to offer the possibility to reconfigure the ROS communications through some kind of configuration settings window. The idea is save this configuration in a file and read it to dynamically subscribe to the list of topics chosen by the user. The problem is that in the callbacks function I have to specify the type of the incoming message. For example:

void Collector::poseChangesCallback(const common::PoseChanges::ConstPtr& msg) {

accelx= msg->dx;

accely= msg->dy;

accelz= msg->dy;


I think I could obtain the ROS types and params messages before execute the node, but I am not really sure that it could work well. Have someone try this before? Are there any other better mechanism to attempt this?


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