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Calculating Odometry Data for the Navigation Stack

asked 2015-04-21 13:58:20 -0600

Twista3579 gravatar image

updated 2015-04-21 13:59:11 -0600

Hi Everyone,

I hope someone can help me answer a simple question. My custom robot delivers data. The data are velocity (m / s) and rotation velocity (deg / s or rad / s). I also recieve the distance the robot has traveled (mm). My problem is, I need to publish the odometry-data for the navigation-stack. I followed this tutorial ( ). The tutorial calls for the vx and vy and vth coordinates. I have the vth coordinates but I need vx and vy and don´t know how to calculate them having only the velocity and the rotation velocity.

Thank you in advance for any advice!

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1 Answer

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answered 2015-04-21 16:23:44 -0600

yohtm gravatar image

Assuming that your robot is non-holonomic (that it can only move forward and not side-to-side), then vy will always be 0 since your robot never moves on its Y axis. As for vx, it will simply be the velocity of your robot in m/s.

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