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Sending data stream in sync with video

asked 2015-02-12 03:59:17 -0500

Nassar gravatar image

Hello, I have a project where I'm streaming a video on a topic using web_video_server package using webm vp8. On the processing side in my project I have shapes' coordinates that I want to send to my web page on which the video will be streamed that they will be overlay it. I want these shapes to overlay the video and be in sync. The problem is I can't figure out a proper way to send this data (coordinates of the shapes), the stream to the webpage, and have them in sync. Overlaying the video is not a problem I have solved it.

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1 Answer

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answered 2015-02-12 08:41:47 -0500

rtoris288 gravatar image

There is no encoded ROS timestamp sent over the compressed video stream so it would be hard to properly synchronize. Is it possible to do the overlay server side and stream the entire image?

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Asked: 2015-02-12 03:59:17 -0500

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