PS3 controller on LUbuntu 14.04 without UInput

asked 2015-02-02 17:33:37 -0500

anonymousSnowMan gravatar image

I see on the ps3joy package page ( ) that the package is only supported for versions up to 12.10. This seems to correspond with the general google results that show these controllers working up to at least 12.04, sometimes up to 12.10.

We are currently running LUbuntu 14.04 (kernel 3.10.54+) with ROS Indigo on an ARM platform (ODROID XU3).

Does anyone have any experience in using a PS3 controller without the UInput module (that seems to have been changed to a built-in post 12.10, hence sixad can't use it)?

The sixpair program appears to work fine (we require wireless control, so a USB tether is simply not acceptable), but sixad and ps3joy fall over looking for UInput.

Any suggestions/help is appreciated.

Thanks, aSM

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I also came across the same problem.. Where you able to solve it ?

DGANDHI gravatar image DGANDHI  ( 2017-04-09 15:33:00 -0500 )edit