Qt App Templates not working?

asked 2014-12-31 04:36:24 -0600

mree gravatar image

Hi, currently I have the intention to build a GUI using Qt to control my mobile robot. I have found this tutorial named Qt App Templates, http://wiki.ros.org/qt_create/Tutoria... , with description 'Speeding app development with quickstart templates via roscreate-qt-pkg." which I think fits my intention.

However, after I followed the steps in the tutorial, I found out that the package/folder that is created is empty without any file in it. I could not get the result as shown in the screen shots in the tutorial and other outcome such as Affect gui changes in main_window.ui with qt designer, Modify qt code in main_window.hpp/main_window.cpp, Do ros topics and services in qnode.hpp/qnode.cpp. How am I suppose to get it working when there is nothing in the package created.

Is anyone facing the same problem and how do you fix that? Or any other better suggestion?

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