rosserial_arduino failed to create service server

asked 2014-11-20 21:32:08 -0600

Wes G gravatar image

I'm filling out functionality of my Arduino controller and want to make an empty service for updating parameters. I'm mimicking the ros_lib examples but whenever I launch the serial node I get a message about "Creation of service server failed: 'NoneType' object has no attribute srv".

There are other questions here that are somewhat similar but nothing recent. I'm using rosserial 0.6 with ROS Indigo so from what I can tell rosserial supports services but I've yet to make it work. I've looked at the python code for serial_node but it's a little difficult to tell where the "srv" error comes from.

Server callback function

void paramUpdateCallback(const Empty::Request & request, Empty::Response & response) { ... }

Server definition

ros::ServiceServer<Empty::Request, Empty::Response> parameterUpdate("/arduino/updateparams", &paramUpdateCallback);

ROS init

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