ros indigo install using opencv2.4.10 hardcoded lib links

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i'v tried to install ROS-Indigo on a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (trusty tar) system on top of a already installed 2.4.10 opencv version. The installation of ros works great, the package manager will see that the opencv2 packages he needs are provided and everything is fine. But if I try to compile a node which depends on the opencv ( opencv-bridge ), i get several linking errors that some opencv 2.4.8 libs were missing. I traced the problem done to some hard-links inside several packages which were installed with ROS. Mainly .pc and .cmake files had those hard-links to a certain version (2.4.8 in this case).

  1. ros-indigo-compressed-depth-image-transport_1.9.1
  2. ros-indigo-compressed-image-transport_1.9.1
  3. ros-indigo-cv-bridge_1.11.5
  4. ros-indigo-image-geometry_1.11.5
  5. ros-indigo-image-proc_1.12.10

Files in which I found libopencv_*.so.2.4.8 hard-links:


I could "work around" this problem by downloading the packages source, recompile and reinstall them. But why there are hard links to a specific version inside some package configurations and not only generic .so (or maybe 2.4) links? Had someone similar problems regarding opencv and the so called opencv independent cv-bridge?

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