How to describe an article with HTML format

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It might not be good way to describe this article here, but I think that this helps beginners to get an answer quickly and it is easy for professionals to read it. Description is plan text in case that anyone doesn't have a knowledge of HTML format. Because of that, it is difficult to read it. I also did that at the first time. So, I'd like to ask anyone HTML format.

For example, text is described like this < code > text < /code > and

 long text and launch file 
is described like this < pre > long text and launch file < /pre > As an attention, space between < and character(/, p, c and so on) should be removed to perform it. I don't have many thing about HTML format. I also want to know many practical HTML format. Could you show plenty of HTML knowledge? Than you in advance!

Could anyone tell me reference link to know technical methods for HTML?

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