Where is the member function to access message variables?

asked 2014-05-12 06:51:08 -0600

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Hello all.

I'm new to ROS and ROSJAVA so I really really need your help to learn about this. The question looks idiot, but I have trouble with this for several days.

There are many message type such as std_msgs, sensor_msgs and so on. I usually work on ROSJAVA. And when I use strange msg type, I wonder where I can find function to access variables in the message. For example, recently I tried to use LaserScan.msg type and by looking at the LaserScan.msg file I noticed that there are many variables in it such as angle_min, ranges, intensities... Fortunately many other people have used this type of message so there are many information about how to use this. Likes, float[] ranges = _scan.getRanges(), float maxRange = Float.MIN_VALUE, _scan.getRangeMax() and so on.

But I want to know where I can find such function getRanges(), MIN_VALUE, getRangeMax().

Can anyone help me finding this? As a novice to this area, I really need your help.

Thank you!!

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