Recompiled library is not linked with turtlebots launch file

asked 2014-05-01 08:43:18 -0500

Robert1 gravatar image

Hi Everyone, First,I installed kobuki turtlebot from “pre-compiled binaries” then I uninstalled it (removed packages) and reinstalled it from source. I have two turtlebots running simultaneously so I made some changes on gazebo_ros_create.cpp file to remap some topics from gazebo node and I recompiled it with catkin_make. I verified that the library file is updated but this new library doesn’t cause any changes on the turtlebots. It seems that the new library is not linked with turtlebots. To verify the link between the new library and turtlebots I deleted the library file,, from the “lib” folder and run again the turtlebots launch file. They are running normally and I checked the rqt_graph and no changes occurred. How can I link with launch file with the new library? I am sure that I am missing something on this but I couldn’t figure out it yet. Thanks a lot for any help on this issue.

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