Timer callback not always working

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I am attempting to use a timer callback in my c++ code. The issue is the when I run it using rosrun or roslaunch the callback does not always start. Sometimes when I run the program the callback function is called and other times when I start the program it is not called. As far as I can tell everything is correct I just don't understand why sometimes the callback timer works and other times it does not.

Here are some portions of my code any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

class CytonServer
    void gripper_Callback(const std_msgs::Float64::ConstPtr& msg);
    void execute_Callback(const std_msgs::String::ConstPtr& msg);
    void publish_Callback();
    void joyCallback(const sensor_msgs::Joy::ConstPtr& joy);
    ros::Timer timer_;
    boost::mutex publish_mutex_;
    ros::NodeHandle nh_, ph_;


    timer_ = nh_.createTimer(ros::Duration(0.100), boost::bind(&CytonServer::publish_Callback, this));
  ///Subscriber List
  gripper_ = nh_.subscribe("gripper_value", 10, &CytonServer::gripper_Callback, this);
  execute_ = nh_.subscribe("execute", 10, &CytonServer::execute_Callback, this);
  joy_ = nh_.subscribe("joy", 10, &CytonServer::joyCallback, this);

void CytonServer::publish_Callback()
  boost::mutex::scoped_lock lock(publish_mutex_);
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