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gmapping and inversion Hokuyo don't work

asked 2012-01-13 07:39:17 -0500

updated 2014-01-28 17:11:07 -0500

ngrennan gravatar image


I'm trying to use the hokuyo on my robot, from upside down. (inverted position)

On Rviz all frames are correct and I see the the laser points perfect (rotated), but gmapping is ignoring the fact of my transformation: <node pkg="tf" type="static_transform_publisher" name="base_link_to_base_laser_link" args="0.058 0 0.125 0.0 0.0 3.1416 /base_link /base_laser_link 100" />

and the mapping is not coherent with what hokuyo senses. As i like show on next images, can someone help-me? (I can't implement slam this way)

( I have tried with <param name="inverted_laser" value="false" />, with <param name="inverted_laser" value="true" /> and without parameter and is the same) I'm using electric version, after images you can see my launch files.

image description image description image description image description

  <node pkg="hokuyo_node" type="hokuyo_node" name="laser_scan">
    <param name="port" value="/dev/ttyACM0"/>
    <param name="frame_id" value="base_laser_link"/>
    <remap from="scan" to="base_scan" />
  <node name="filbotic" pkg="filbotic" type="filbotic_driver" output="screen" >
    <param name="port_name" value="/dev/ttyUSB0" />
  <node pkg="tf" type="static_transform_publisher" name="base_link_to_base_laser_link" args="0.058 0 0.125 0.0 0.0 3.1416 /base_link /base_laser_link 100" />
  <node pkg="tf" type="static_transform_publisher" name="base_footprint_to_base_link" args="0 0 0 0 0 0  /base_footprint /base_link 100" />
</launch>    `

  <node pkg="gmapping" type="slam_gmapping" name="gmapping" output="screen">
    <remap from="scan" to="base_scan" />
    <param name="inverted_laser" value="false" />
    <param name="maxUrange" value="30.0" />
    <param name="particles" value="30" />
    <param name="delta" value="0.01" />
    <param name="xmin" value="-15.0" />
    <param name="xmax" value="15.0" />
    <param name="ymin" value="-15.0" />
    <param name="ymax" value="15.0" />
    <param name="angularUpdate" value="0.5" />
    <param name="linearUpdate" value="1.0" />
    <param name="map_update_interval" value="1.0" />
    <param name="resampleThreshold" value="0.3" />
    <param name="llsamplerange" value ="0.05" />
    <param name="llsamplestep" value ="0.05" />
    <param name="lasamplerange" value ="0.05" />
    <param name="lasamplestep" value ="0.05" />
</launch>             `
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I ran into this back in Diamondback--Since I had the same problem and hokuyo_node does NOT support an inverted parameter like the SICK node does, I cheated and wrote a quick and dirty node that flipped my scans. I could have sworn someone updated gmapping to support transforms in electric though...
JeffRousseau gravatar image JeffRousseau  ( 2012-01-13 08:18:00 -0500 )edit

2 Answers

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answered 2012-01-16 21:18:24 -0500

Ben_S gravatar image

updated 2012-01-20 04:17:00 -0500

Could you provide a bag-file of a short drive around? (1-2 minutes or so)

Gmapping has indeed support for transforms, but i think they missed some essential parts. To solve your problem i suggest the following:

This is only one part of the solution! Look at the linked patch file from the edit!
Change line 340 of src/slam_gmapping.cpp:
  gsp_laser_angle_increment_ = scan.angle_increment;
  gsp_laser_angle_increment_ = angle_min > angle_max ? -fabs(scan.angle_increment) : fabs(scan.angle_increment); 
  • Compile gmapping and test again.

If i am right, that should do the trick. It would still be nice if you could create a bag file, so that we have an actual usecase for testing a patch.

Regards, Ben

EDIT (20.01.2012): Sadly the changes above are incomplete and make the result even worse. Based on the new bag-file and two bag files i had from other robots i have now written a patch, that should hopefully work for every constellation of CW, CCW and/or inverted scanners. I have uploaded the patch here. If i get some positive feedback, i will also submit the patch to the bug rebort from arebgun.

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So what's the final patch in this whole saga? And does it work for all possible permutations and combinations? Thank you for taking the trouble :) PS - Why hasn't it been incorporated into the gmapping source code by now?

2ROS0 gravatar image 2ROS0  ( 2014-07-16 12:55:17 -0500 )edit

answered 2012-01-19 22:18:39 -0500

Thanks for the help. I will try that.

Meanwhile I let here one bag file.

Regards, Filipe Santos

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Thanks for the bag! In fact using my approach with your bag made it look much worse. It is not only mirrored but totally messed up. I will try if i find a solution to that...
Ben_S gravatar image Ben_S  ( 2012-01-20 01:11:29 -0500 )edit
You really have to use the whole patch that I have attached for this to work.
arebgun gravatar image arebgun  ( 2012-01-20 01:12:42 -0500 )edit
@arebgun: Have a look at our commens and answers to the other question. Your patch breaks a lot of other stuff for people with laserscanners that are rotating clockwise and as far as i can see you still did not supply a bag. Im in the middle of creating a patch that may cover all cases. Regards, Ben
Ben_S gravatar image Ben_S  ( 2012-01-20 01:42:03 -0500 )edit
@Ben_S: I am not saying it does not, at the time I was only trying to get my setup working. Bag fell through the cracks, will try to post it today.
arebgun gravatar image arebgun  ( 2012-01-20 02:31:11 -0500 )edit
I created a new patch: ( For the bag files i had available it seems to work fine. @Filipe Santos: Your odometry seems very poor. Combined with the fast movements the map still gets messed up.
Ben_S gravatar image Ben_S  ( 2012-01-20 02:56:36 -0500 )edit
@Ben_S: I've uploaded a bag file from our robot here:, use this command to run gmapping: rosrun gmapping slam_gmapping scan:=base_scan/scan _odom_frame:=odom_combined. With that said, I tested your patch and the map looks fine.
arebgun gravatar image arebgun  ( 2012-01-20 05:03:53 -0500 )edit
You can also try hector_slam, results look like this: . Let me know if you want to try it, I can provide a launch file in that case.
Stefan Kohlbrecher gravatar image Stefan Kohlbrecher  ( 2012-01-20 05:06:05 -0500 )edit
@Stefan Kohlbrecher: hector_slam works great too, thanks!
arebgun gravatar image arebgun  ( 2012-01-20 05:31:36 -0500 )edit

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