multiple sensors in stageros

asked 2014-01-24 02:44:23 -0600

ChrisEule gravatar image

Hello guys,

I want to simulate a robot with two laserscanners in stageros. I have found out that you are able to attach multiple sensors in player/stage with the ".cfg" file like

driver( name "stage" provides ["6666:laser:0" "6666:laser:1"]  model "r1")

for example. The problem is that stageros expects only the ".world" file as argument on startup and the .cfg file is normally loading the world file in player/stage. So how do I attach multiple sensors in stageros? When I am doing this

define robot position
  size [1.17 0.717 0.35]
  origin [-0.29 0 0 0]
  s300a(pose [0.347 0.0 0.14 0])
  s300b(pose [-0.93 0.0 0.14 180])

I get the error message "number of position models and laser models must be equal in the world file". So I want to have the two scanners s300a and s300b. Does anybody know how to do that?


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