bug in draw_database_object.py? [closed]

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Can someone explain this line in draw_database_object.py from grasp_plaype package.

rospy.loginfo("model_id malformed: %s"%self.object_name)

I didn't find "object_name" declared in the code.

Is this a bug? Following is a snippet of the code.

model_id = 18800  #contact lens cleanser bottle
while(not rospy.is_shutdown()):
    rospy.loginfo("Enter the model id of the next object, or enter to draw again")
    model_id_str = raw_input()
    if model_id_str != '':
            model_id = int(model_id_str)
            print "model_id:", model_id
            rospy.loginfo("model_id malformed: %s"%self.object_name)
    print "drawing mesh in base_footprint frame"
    draw_database_object.draw_database_object_mesh(model_id, pose_stamped)
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