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Hello. I have a large java project, an activity planner) that produces as output an ArrayList<behavior> where Behavior class looks like that: public class Behavior{ protected LinkedList<componentdecision> decisions; protected LinkedList<temporalrelation> durations; }

ComponentDecision and TemporalRelation are classes which contain several variables. The list of behaviors are the activities that my robot has to perform (using Smach as Executive). Therefore, I am considering how to integrate the project with ros. Among the options, I considered using rosjava. The problem is that I am not sure how I could publish a message with such data structure (ArrayList<behavior>. Almost all examples I found use simple strings.

Another option might be Jython, but as it happen with rosjava, I am not sure whether it is feasible to convert from such structure to python using Jython.

Any advice?

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