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Visualizing rviz in another computer [closed]

asked 2014-01-06 15:31:17 -0500

FuerteNewbie gravatar image

updated 2014-01-28 17:07:20 -0500

ngrennan gravatar image

Hi guys,

I am doing amcl on my robot and running rviz on another pc by using the publisher and listener method. But I am having a problem which I can't set estimated pose of my robot on the rviz. But I have no problem visualizing rviz on the pc of robot itself.

Fixed frame is set to /map.

Anyone face the same problem before? How do you solve it?

In rviz terminal:

[ INFO] [1389077566.411670728]: Setting pose: 10.008 -3.034 3.142 [frame=/map]
[ INFO] [1389077610.967860311]: Setting pose: 10.044 -3.009 3.142 [frame=/map]
[ INFO] [1389077693.039567267]: Setting pose: 10.044 -3.048 3.142 [frame=/map]

rostopic echo /initialpose:

WARNING: topic [/intialpose] does not appear to be published yet

rosnode ping amcl

rosnode: node is [/amcl]
pinging /amcl with a timeout of 3.0s
xmlrpc reply from <a href=""></a>   time=35.322905ms
xmlrpc reply from <a href=""></a>   time=61.383009ms
xmlrpc reply from <a href=""></a>   time=17.130852ms
xmlrpc reply from <a href=""></a>   time=8.926868ms
xmlrpc reply from <a href=""></a>   time=34.075022ms
xmlrpc reply from <a href=""></a>   time=122.500896ms
xmlrpc reply from <a href=""></a>   time=297.618866ms
xmlrpc reply from <a href=""></a>   time=98.872900ms
xmlrpc reply from <a href=""></a>   time=44.198036ms
xmlrpc reply from <a href=""></a>   time=26.680946ms
xmlrpc reply from <a href=""></a>   time=21.116018ms
xmlrpc reply from <a href=""></a>   time=15.140057ms
xmlrpc reply from <a href=""></a>   time=24.788141ms
xmlrpc reply from <a href=""></a>   time=14.788866ms
^Cping average: 58.753099ms


PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
--- ping statistics ---
5 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 4032ms

image description

I can see rostopic list and rosnode list.

Second trial

Finally can see rostopic echo initialpose, but pose in rviz still couldnt be moved. Rostopic ... (more)

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1 Answer

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answered 2014-01-06 19:21:15 -0500


A quick comment first: you spelled "initialpose" incorrectly in the rostopic command, I assume you get the same result with the correct spelling?

This problem usually inicates a networking problem between the two nodes. I'd suggest setting ROS_IP to the IP address of the computer you're setting it on, for example with export ROS_IP=

To test your network configuration, on the Rviz computer type rosnode ping amcl, you should hope to get valid ping replies, but if not then your problem is definitely with your network setup. In that case you should try just a regular ping on the rviz computer using the IP address of the robot computer and debug the network configuration from there. There's some good tutorials and troubleshooting at

Finally, the command roswtf (AKA ros where's the fire) can give you hints. If the above doesnt help could you edit your post with the output of roswtf?


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I have no problem doing ping, so this mean nothing wrong with my network setup. But I can't do roswtf somehow. Post updated.

FuerteNewbie gravatar image FuerteNewbie  ( 2014-01-06 21:25:01 -0500 )edit

The regular ping did not work, so this is probably the issue. I see your nodes are on different subnets (192.168.2.x and 192.168.18.x), are you sure the two devices can communicate? Do you have firewalls in between subnets? And what about "rosnode ping rviz" from the robot computer?

Tim Sweet gravatar image Tim Sweet  ( 2014-01-07 04:21:41 -0500 )edit

Okay I have already make sure ping to robot and ping myself has no problem right now, rosnode ping amcl as well. I have updated my post.

FuerteNewbie gravatar image FuerteNewbie  ( 2014-01-07 18:49:45 -0500 )edit

Why do this happen when i can see changes in initialpose but no change in rviz and amcl_pose? amcl is not updated to the pose ?

FuerteNewbie gravatar image FuerteNewbie  ( 2014-01-07 19:35:41 -0500 )edit

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