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rosmatlab- publisher

asked 2013-12-08 21:26:44 -0500

Ram99 gravatar image

I am using rosmatlab package for making a bridge between Matlab and Ros. I want to publish some interger data. But I couldnot find any proper Documentation for it. I am having problem with the syntax of ros.publisher.publish(); Thanks.

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1 Answer

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answered 2014-04-15 06:05:06 -0500

NStaub gravatar image

Hi, you should follow the documentation from mathworks to launch a roscore and create a node in matlab. Then you can add a publisher to your node by using, in matlab :

publisher = rosmatlab.publisher('your_topic_name', 'std _ msgs/Int32', your_node);
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Asked: 2013-12-08 21:26:44 -0500

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