Navigation with groovy and catkin, where to start ? [closed]

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I have a task to do : I want to move my robot from one position to another position.

I have a real robot, but I want to try it first with the simulated one. I launch is with this command "rosrun stage stageros /robot/". I also have the map, and I launch the map server with this command "rosrun map_server map_server /robot/underground.yaml". I want to move it from its current position to a known position in the map.

I want to use the navigation stack. I've been reading tutorials about it which led me to others tutorials, which led me to example packages using this navigation stack. But I haven't find any package working with catkin. They all use rosmake. In fact I don't event want to use a package someone made, I just want to understand the navigation stack and use it my way. But I got lost in these endless self referring tutorials and ... I'd like to see some light :)

That's why I came here. Does anyone know how to do this task : setting up the navigation stack for the simulated robot, send the robot a nav goal by rviz, and see the robot actually go to that position ? (I know how to use rviz, and later i'll just publish in the topic instead of using rviz to send the nav goal, i'll be programming in c++)

Thank you for your help !


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