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2011-09-12 03:50:59 -0600 asked a question Getting position and orientation from RGBDSLAM?

I'm buiding a robot equipped with a kinect sensor that will navigate a room autonomously or based on manually entered waypoints. I'd like to use rgbdslam to map out the environment the robot is in, and since it of course also does localization, I was wondering how to extract the kinects coordinates and orientation from rgbdslam. Any help?

2011-09-02 12:08:28 -0600 marked best answer node doesn't send kinect data over network

You need to make sure that you can ping the hostname of each machine in both directions.

e.g. when your master is pc1 and the other machine is lap1, you need to be able to ping pc1 from lap1 and lap1 from pc1.

It needs to work in both directions and it needs to be able to ping the hostnames not just the ips. If that isn't the case you can set the ROS_IP environment variables.

2011-08-18 21:17:43 -0600 asked a question node doesn't send kinect data over network

I'm trying to run an openni node on one machine (Ubuntu 11.04) and publich the data to the master node, which is on another machine (also Ubuntu 11.04) to view it in rviz there. I believe to have my network set up correctly, as I can ping from one machine to the other, and "rostopic list" on the master node returns the topics published by the openni node on the other machine. My problem is that there is no data coming through - "rostopic echo ..." returns nothing on the master node, and rviz therefore obviously doesn't receive anything either. On the machine running openni (the one supposed to be sending the data) I can view the kinect data just fine. When I check my network traffic with system tools, I see that no data is being sent at all. I also have all firewalls disabled.