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2014-05-08 23:30:20 -0500 answered a question How tuning ompl parameters?

I was struggling with the same problem 1,5 years after you posted this question. The tutorial Ed send didn't cover the fact to modify planners (that tutorial still has to be made or i just didn't find it).

You can change the parameters in your ompl_planning.yaml file after your planner is configured.

e.g.: change the 'range' parameter of RRT to 2.5:

    type: geometric::RRT
    range: 2.5

So only one small line has to be added to change the parameter.

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2014-04-30 01:38:59 -0500 asked a question unable to open file 'config1.cfg' (benchmarks)


I have been following the tutorial on benchmarking according to this link. I was able to make a configuration file (I names it config1.cfg like in the tutorial) after I added some scenes and queries to my database.

timeout = 10
output = mylocation.log

planners=RRTConnectkConfigDefault PRMkConfigDefault
runs = 10

When I try to run the benchmark I use the following command:

roslaunch epson_moveit_generated run_benchmark_ompl.launch cfg:=config1.cfg

But it fails at a certain point:

[ INFO] [1398856673.630905167]: Loading robot model 'epsonURDF_gripper'...
[ INFO] [1398856674.403549421]: Loading robot model 'epsonURDF_gripper'...
[ INFO] [1398856676.779398433]: Attempting to load and configure ompl_interface/OMPLPlanner
[ INFO] [1398856676.872126099]: Initializing OMPL interface using ROS parameters
[ INFO] [1398856676.914059532]: Available planner instances: ompl_interface/OMPLPlanner 
[ INFO] [1398856676.914178469]: Loading 'config1.cfg'...
[ERROR] [1398856676.914321241]: Unable to open file 'config1.cfg'
[ INFO] [1398856676.914449454]: Processed 0 benchmark configuration files
[ INFO] [1398856676.940193257]: Benchmarks complete! Shutting down ROS...
[moveit_benchmark_padplanningyaj_CELSIUS_H700_21444_1771399437-2] process has finished cleanly
log file: /home/padplanningyaj/.ros/log/db564e20-d03b-11e3-8134-58946b4707fc/moveit_benchmark_padplanningyaj_CELSIUS_H700_21444_1771399437-2*.log

So it's unable to open or even find the config file. Can someone explain me why this error occurs and how I can solve it?

I am running ROS hydro in ubuntu 12.04

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2014-03-12 01:34:51 -0500 answered a question "node name cannot contain namespace"

I think the error was caused by the fact that my key setup (when installing ROS) failed.

So after reintsalling my complete ROS hydro system, it suddenly worked. This is not an answer to the fact what caused the problem, but at my pc it solved the issue.

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2014-03-04 21:47:12 -0500 commented question "node name cannot contain namespace"

I checked the information now several times but I'm not really getting smarter from it. But I guess it's hard to help solving a problem with a machine from a distance. I think it's just really strange that it gives an error about the namespace but my pc causes it, could it be something I added to the ./bashrc?

2014-03-04 01:12:32 -0500 asked a question "node name cannot contain namespace"


When I try to open a generated moveit_config (I also have an other question about this Issue on this forum) I get an error that says that a node name cannot contain a namespace. This is also said in the ROS wiki about nodes:

name="nodename" Node name. NOTE: name cannot contain a namespace. Use the ns attribute instead.

The node name is name="$(anon rviz)" This is generated in every moveit config I have seen, so I don't know why this is suddenly a problem.

I also don't understand what the ns attribute is I have to use instead...

Kind Regards, Yannik

EDIT: this is the launch file what's causes the issue on my pc (it seems that it does work on other pc's)


  <arg name="debug" default="false" />
  <arg unless="$(arg debug)" name="launch_prefix" value="" />
  <arg     if="$(arg debug)" name="launch_prefix" value="gdb --ex run --args" />

  <arg name="config" default="false" />
  <arg unless="$(arg config)" name="command_args" value="" />
  <arg     if="$(arg config)" name="command_args" value="-d $(find epson_moveit_config)/launch/moveit.rviz" />

  <node name="$(anon rviz)" launch-prefix="$(arg launch_prefix)" pkg="rviz" type="rviz" respawn="false"
    args="$(arg command_args)" output="screen">
    <rosparam command="load" file="$(find epson_moveit_config)/config/kinematics.yaml"/>

2014-02-26 03:17:01 -0500 asked a question rviz plugin after completing the moveit setup assistant fails


I completed the 'getting started' tutorial of the moveit_setup_assistant and was able to generate the configuration files of the pr2 robot, but also of my own 6-axis robot. When i try to open either of the models in rviz i with following command:

roslaunch pr2_moveit_config demo.launch

I get the following error:

  while processing /opt/ros/hydro/share/pr2_moveit_config/launch/moveit_rviz.launch:
Invalid <node> tag: node name cannot contain a namespace. 

Node xml is <node args="$(arg command_args)" launch-prefix="$(arg launch_prefix)" name="$(anon rviz)" output="screen" pkg="rviz" respawn="false" type="rviz">
    <rosparam command="load" file="$(find pr2_moveit_config)/config/kinematics.yaml"/>

Is there something i have to change in this launch file?

2013-12-12 04:29:19 -0500 commented question Cannot open exported URDF from solidworks student

This might sound silly to yo, but i'm even not able to open this in rviz (without a launch file?)

2013-12-12 03:03:16 -0500 commented question Cannot open exported URDF from solidworks student

@gvdhoorn : Here i am again. I managed to get the full version of solidworks 2014. I am able now to save my parts as STL files. I tried to export a part again and saw that the mesh is not empty now, but I am still not able to open it in moveit. I'll add the folder to google drive, named C3_BASE

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Thank you again for looking in to this. I will try to get a full version of solidworks in the next days and run some tests again. I will keep this updated as soon as i have got the new results.

2013-12-10 21:33:46 -0500 commented question Cannot open exported URDF from solidworks student

Sorry I missunderstood you :) This is a issue i haven't had in mind, i'm running the student version of solidworks 2013, and I see i can't use the 'save as' function to export it to STL. These are the only formats i can save it to: - Part: .prt / .sldprt / - Lib Feat Part: .sldlfp / - Part Pemplate: .prtdotv / - eDrawing: .eprt

2013-12-10 21:15:25 -0500 commented question Cannot open exported URDF from solidworks student

I'm running the 64-bit version. I tried to export STL files, but still an error. Can you give a link to the v1.1.0 version so i can try that? I only find v1.2.0 and v1.2.1.

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I am running the newest version, v1.2.2. I tried to the base link of the robot, but the mesh is still empty.

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@gvdhoorn First, i had to add an axis to every part except for the base and it's child link. Because there were none available for them in the window wich comes up after i clicked the 'preview and export' button. Second, for those same parts, i had to change the joint type to revolute, because they were set to fixed. Alse, when i press the 'preview and export' button, i see some errors flashing in the solidworks window. It says 'over defined' but i cannot get a detailed list of those errors. Do you need more information about exporting it to URDF?

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2013-12-04 22:36:00 -0500 asked a question Cannot open exported URDF from solidworks student

Hi, i'm pretty new to this kind of software and also to linux itself. I downloaded a solidworks assembly of an 6-axis epson robot from the epson site. I changed some mates and added all nececary axes. But i cannot open the exported urdf in rviz, moveit!,...

I don't know if it's because it's really a bug in the urdf file, or just because i open it in the wrong environment (because i had to copy it from my microsoft OS to my virtualBox ubuntu OS via shared folders). If someone could tell me if you could open this files on your pc? So I would now if there's a bug in the code, or because i just don't open it in the right environment, that would be really helpfull!

the error I get when I try to open a single exported part in moveit! is:

REQUIRED process [moveit_setup_assistant-2] has died!
process has died [pid 18783, exit code -11, cmd /home/yannik/moveit/devel/lib/mo
veit_setup_assistant/moveit_setup_assistant __name:=moveit_setup_assistant __log
log file: /home/yannik/.ros/log/5d837b80-5f3e-11e3-9e91-080027c27847/moveit_setu
Initialising shutdown!

If i try to open the full assembly in moveit, it also is an exit code -11. If i try to open this assembly in rviz, i get an exit code -1

There are two zip-files in here. The one C3_ARM1 is one part converted. The other one, Test3URDF, is the complete assembly of the epson robot. Thank you for taking the time to look into this!