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Hi Philipp,

Type 0, means you are manipulating a sphere. The triangle array are triangles indices and the 3D points are the vertices of the mesh.

You should take a look at the mesh part here. And maybe the message description will help you too.


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I'm trying to use the objects from the household_objects_database in gazebo. At the moment I am trying to export the data from the objects_database_node/get_model_mesh-call to a format, which can be imported into blender to export it as .dae-file.

My way at the moment is:

  • first to call objects_database_node/get_model_mesh and save it to a file
  • afterwards to read in the data and trying to write an .obj-file.

The second point is the problem. I don't know how to interpret the data. They have the form:

  code: -1
  type: 0
  dimensions: []
  triangles: [74, 390, ... , 452]
      x: 0.00321499991417
      y: -0.0341199989319
      z: 0.101269996643

So clearly the second part is a list of 3D-Points. And the first part must be some sort of indices to build triangles. But the problem is, without the knowledge if it is a list of triangles, a triangle-strip, or so on it is not very useful. I tried most of the possibilities I can think of and they don't give sufficient results.

So I need some help for interpreting the data, or by figuring out a way to get this models into gazebo.

Thanks a lot for helping