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2013-08-30 14:12:34 -0500 answered a question How to write program for control robot arm?

Well it's 2013 and not one damn good robot at the monopoly stores for us to use practically. Not one.

Here's something I tested extensively. It's ridiculously easy to construct. What does this robot do? It moves. I had it programmed to turn at various set times of the day and to return to a certain position at a certain set time. No big deal right? Well this robot made (saved) me money. In fact this robot totally zeroed our our electric bill! Don't jump for joy to high's so simply you might scoff that it is no robot at all (but until one of these so-called robot sites gives step by step instructions to get us going in the right direction I'll suffice with a synopsis).

One particular remote (I have two of them and they're not very abundant to find out there either) is mated to the control box of a common television antenna rotator. The rotator is simply bolted to the base of a vertical steel section which is set vertical with a couple of solar panels at the top (in series to 24v).

I have videos on the net and would just like to conclude that it only takes one unselfish forward-thinking individual of a family to sacrifice and purchase the controllers, panels, batteries, wire, inverters, etc. to leave for the future offspring of that family tree.

Since not many have done it...proves that we have sucky families here. Booo....