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2013-10-01 07:58:19 -0500 asked a question Guidelines to convert DH parameters to URDF specifications?

Do some of you have experience in creating URDF models from DH parameters of your robot?

2013-10-01 07:54:38 -0500 commented answer problem creating a new package with catkin_create_pkg

@Dirk Thomas: Right.The above steps would help only if the sourcing is not done properly and the commands like 'rospack' or 'catkin_create_pkg' are not recognized.

2013-10-01 07:10:08 -0500 asked a question Distributing a vdi with ROS pre-installed

I built an Ubuntu12.04LTS virtual machine and i use it with Oracle VirtualBox. I had downloaded the corresponding .iso from the official site, converted that into a virtual machine. So, with Ubuntu as guest OS, i have then installed ROS hydro and it works perfectly.
My question is what is the correct way to distribute this virtual machine so that others can benefit from it? Since now i have a machine name and credentials, i am wondering what is the right way to do this?

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2013-10-01 02:53:21 -0500 answered a question problem creating a new package with catkin_create_pkg

I faced a similar issue. Now just to cross-check
1. Add 'source /opt/ros/<groovy>/setup.bash' to your ~/.bashrc file and re-start your terminal. (Of course, <groovy> should be replaced by your ROS distro without the angled brackets)
2. Issue the command 'bash'
3. Delete the catkin workspace folder you created earlier
4. Use the command to create a new catkin workspace
The folders src, devel and build should be present
5. Issue the command source devel/setup.bash
6. Then get inside src and try to create the package.