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2020-05-24 21:28:43 -0600 answered a question Why is not building package turtlebot3_gazebo on ROS2?

You must install the gazebo-ros package sudo apt-get install ros-melodic-gazebo-ros change melodic for your ros versio

2020-04-30 00:53:36 -0600 answered a question octomap in rviz and occupancy grids in 3D maps

You try the next command roslaunch octomap_server octomap_server_node You replace for the name file (.b

2020-04-22 23:41:44 -0600 answered a question problem publishing octomap msg from an octomap file

You have a mistake ros :: Publisher octomap_pub = n.advertise <octomap_msgs ::="" octomap=""> ("octomap_loaded",

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2020-04-15 23:14:37 -0600 answered a question Is there a way to transfer jpg pictures into occupied grid map?

You can use map_server and add your image URL in the file yaml, if this don't do , first try apply binary for the image.

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2020-03-16 20:39:04 -0600 commented answer robot in Rviz cannot move and dropping the first 1 trajectory point

You have need change permission of the file, with sudo chmod 777 nameFile