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2014-07-30 21:16:00 -0500 commented answer Starting a node in code which is not part of a package

Thank you very much. Ive only just started thinking about this approach but I figured that the biggest challenges would be to deal with all the linking and registration. I just thought that it might be something someone had already done. If I get any further Ill update this question!

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2013-08-19 22:21:43 -0500 asked a question Hokuyo UXM-30LN-PW

Hi, we have recently acquired one of these Hokuyo UXM-30LN-PW sensors. On the datasheet it is listed as being compatible with SCIP 2.0 (file online called: UXM-30LN-P-Technical-Specifications.pdf)

however, on running with the standard Hokuyo Node in ROS Groovy, the following error occurs:

[ERROR] [1376982769.505473236]: Exception thrown while opening Hokuyo.
Hokuyo error code returned. Cmd: RS --  Error: Hokuyo error code returned. Cmd: RS --  Error: Hokuyo error code returned. Cmd: RS --  Error: Hokuyo error cod (in hokuyo::laser::sendCmd) You may find further details at

I guessed that this was the Reset condition of the sensor, so tried the suggested steps at the bottom of the Hokuyo node troubleshooting page, by running:

sudo ./upgrade /dev/ttyACM0 reset.cmd

however this also did not help (the same error message occurs). I have looked in other places but I cant see any other mention of someone using this laser in ROS. Can anyone help?!

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2013-06-06 21:59:35 -0500 asked a question apt-get vs. svn for installing stacks/packages

This is probably a bad question but I was wondering if there are any advantages to using one over the other (or even git or rosinstall)? For example which is better out of the following two methods:

  1. sudo apt-get install ros-groovy-laser-drivers

  2. svn co https:://

best regards