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2011-06-30 07:48:37 -0600 answered a question Octave in ROS

Hello, thank you very much for responding.

I downloaded the package "rosoct" with svn, and I put in my package directory, but can not get work.

Octave use 3.2 because I could not get the 3.0 octave, as shown in the tutorial rosoct.

I added the file. Octavesr [status, rosoctpath] = system ('find rospack rosoct'); rosoctpath = strtrim (rosoctpath); addpath (fullfile (rosoctpath, 'octave'));

Do not know if I'm missing some step, or any package.

Can you help, thank you very much

2011-06-17 10:23:42 -0600 marked best answer Octave in ROS

There are no longer libraries for Octave support in ROS. The 'rosoct' client library was last compatible with ROS C Turtle. You can download it here:

2011-05-03 22:35:04 -0600 asked a question Octave in ROS

I am in learning phase with the ROS, of of the languages that I want to use is Octave, but I can not add the libraries. How I can do this?.

Greetings, and sorry for my English, I speak not very well.