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2014-03-24 13:55:54 -0600 commented answer how to get camera trajectory and 3d point cloud data with rgbdslam

I used ROS service to save trajectory estimation. But this estimation is not for every image frame, just part of frame. I read the related code, found rgbdslam didn't add all of frame into the graph. But my result lost many frames and just less frames added into the graph (totally 800 frames, just 200 frames in the graph, so I just can get the camera pose estimation associated with these 200 frames). I want to make sure if this is normal. Does rgbdslam supply any another way to get camera estimation for every frame in sequence? Thanks in advance.

2013-05-21 06:11:09 -0600 asked a question Select pyramid level in ethzasl_ptam initial step

I find ethzasl_ptam use feature points in 1 pyramid level to stereo initialization. But I don't understand clearly why not use 0 level.