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2013-09-02 05:02:37 -0500 commented answer problem compiling re_comm

Hi, I had the same problem with the same output, but installing ros-groovy-ias-common didn't fix it. The new output, after installing the ias_common stack, is: Built target _java_compile_1_64 /home/turtlebot/ros-turtlebot/stacks/roboearth/re_comm/src/roboearth/wp1/ cannot find symbol symbol : class CopROSClient location: package edu.tum.cs.ias.knowrob import edu.tum.cs.ias.knowrob.CopROSClient; I need help, please.

2013-04-24 02:07:25 -0500 answered a question Add MySQL to a ROS project?

Hello, I have the same problem (the compiler say "mysql_init(...) has not been defined". I have done everything suggested,I added in manifest and CMakelist files the lines referred. I use ROS groovy and Ubuntu 12.04. I think there is something else that is needed to work. What exactly do I need to put in "name" field of "rosdep"? I see many choices. The "lflag" is always the same? Thanks.