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Thx a lot, everything is okay now. So now i have a cloud of points, is there any way to export it from rviz?

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Thanks a lot, I now have tf broadcaster from tutorial which was slightly modified, so 3d map building working well, however, it have too much extra functions that i dont need like a window with turtle, etc I need some clean tf broadcaster without any other features, but i didnt find any tutorials :(

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2015-02-12 10:58:10 -0600 asked a question 3D map in rviz

I need to build 3d map in rviz. I have a recorded .bag file with the data from lidar which is going by straight line. So basically i need some way to provide rviz a fake info about movement of the robot. What is the easiest way to do that?

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2013-04-19 04:59:09 -0600 asked a question MikroKopter Okto XL + FitPc 2 + ROS + Hokuyo range finder

Hi! I have a MikroKopter, FitPc2 and Hokuyo range finder. Can i get a 3d mapping robot from this things? I searched for it a lot but only found this - ros(dot)org/wiki/MikroKopter/Tutorials/shared_control But there was not any 3d maps only 2d stream from laser range finder. Is there a something way to get a 3d map? It will be great if it is. I am a new in ROS but if there will be a way how to get it work I will do my best to get it. Thank you and sorry for my bad english!