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2013-03-04 03:29:54 -0600 asked a question subscribing to multiple compressed image streams via wifi fails

I'm trying to send kinect depth and rgb images from a laptop on a robot to a different computer via wifi.

While it is possible to subscribe to 1 stream of compressed images without any problems, I'm unable to subscribe to 2 topics at the same time (e.g. /camera/depth_registered/image_rect/compressedDepth & /camera/rgb/image_color/compressed). At the beginning, when monitoring the frequency of the messages received using rostopic hz, the frame rate is ok (between 10-15 fps). However, after a while (c.a. 10 - 15 seconds) one of the stream starts to receive no messages anymore.

I reduced the compression quality to reduce bandwidth, but this does not help. Furthermore, I looked whether the machines were capable of compressing and decompressing images, and both machines seem to have no difficulties.

Has anyone experienced similar issues in the past and knows a solution.