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2013-07-21 23:13:49 -0500 commented answer Correct tf setup for rviz for Android

Looks OK to me. Everything is connected under /world. roswtf complains about an additional entry in ROS_PACKAGE_PATH but that is all.

2013-07-21 21:43:39 -0500 asked a question Correct tf setup for rviz for Android

Hi all,

I'm trying to get rviz for Android running but my transform tree seems to be wrong, all the elements of the robot model are placed into coordinate system root. The transform tree currently is /world -> /base_link -> other robot elements. Is this the correct way to do it?

Also rviz for Android only lets me choose "world" as the fixed frame, all the other elements in the transform tree do not show up (like they do in rqt, for example).

2013-07-02 20:21:41 -0500 asked a question Swig-wx does not contain CMakeLists.txt file


my current build of Groovy on ARM / Linaro 12.11 fails because swig-wx does not contain a CMakeLists.txt file. "git status" says it's "on branch groovy-devel". What's going on? Any idea how I can reconstruct this file?

Thanks a lot in advance, Björn

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2013-02-22 00:25:19 -0500 asked a question Units for cmd_vel

I'm implementing my own base_controller to listen on /cmd_vel for motion commands. I'm aware of the REP103 units convention document, but I haven't found anything on what the units in a geometry_msgs/Twist are. I am assuming it's m/s and rad/s?